Our History

We, the Network for Preserving Historical Materials, was established on 4th February 1995, approximately three week after the Hanshin Earthquake, and started as an association originally named the ‘Information Network for preserving Historical Materials’, which worked to protect the historical documents and artifacts affected by the quake. The main body consisted of various study societies such as ‘The Osaka Historical Association’, ‘The Japanese Society for Historical Studies’, ‘The Osaka Association of Historical Science’, ‘Kyoto Historical Science Association’, ‘The Society for Historical Studies of Kobe University’, and ‘Shigakukai of Kobe Women’s University’.

The main participants are young lecturers in universities, postgraduate and undergraduate students, institution staff involved in preserving regional heritage and local historians. All members work on a voluntary basis.

Our secretary office is located in the Community Outreach Centre, Graduate School of Humanities, Kobe University.

~Secretariat Chronology~

4th Feb, 1995

Hiroshi Okumura, representative of Kobe University, having visited the Amagasaki Municipal Archives along with some members of The Osaka Association of Historical Science, The Osaka Historical Association, and The Japanese Society for Historical Studies, concluded that they would organize a new association for preserving historical materials and engage in setting up an information centre in Amagasaki Municipal Archives. (Afterwards, the Kyoto Historical Science Association and The Historical Science Society of Japan took the decision to participate with us.)

13rd Feb, 1995

The Information Network for Preserving Historical Materials was established in the Amagasaki Municipal Archives, and voluntary staff started to be permanently stationed in the institution. They also started to receive offers, requests and consultations with people who possessed some historical materials.

10th Apr, 1995

The Information Network was newly established in the Faculty of Letters, Kobe University.

9th Jun, 1995

Main body removed to Kobe University from the Amagasaki Municipal Archives.

19th Jun, 1995

The branch office was established in ‘The Monjokan of Kobe City’ (which can be translated as ‘The Archives of Kobe City’), and started to cooperate with each other on researching historical documents damaged or at risk after the earthquake.

Apr, 1996

The ‘Information Network for Preserving Historical Materials’ re-organised and re-named itself as the ‘Network for Preserving Historical Materials’, as a voluntary organisation.

26th May, 2002

Our loose federation of associations changed to be a membership association.


About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

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