News Letter from Iwate Network (June 22th) ~Part1

~The extract from the news letter on June 22th of the Iwate Network for Historical
and Folklore Materials~

The secretarial office of the Iwate Network for Historical and Folklore Materials integrated
the information concerning the damage to cultural properties and rescue operations in Iwate Prefecture. Those might already be well known though, we appreciate if you can make use of them. All of them are available to be freely reprinted.

1.The Operation for Drying Books in Rikuzentakada City Library

We, the Iwate Network for Historical Folklore Network had carried out the rescue operation of books in the Rikuzentakada City Library on June 5th. Following that, in the parking space in front of the Seminar House of Morioka University, we dried them in the shade on June 18th.

First of all, the participants took the books from the cardboard boxes, lined them on the vinyl sheet, and dried them in the wind. Fortunately the weather was cloudy which was suitable. The extent of mould was examined then the sand removed and they were put into cardboard boxes classified by the type of book. We expect that this operation will prevent the spread of anymore mould for the time being.

This operation was supported by the students of Morioka University. We really appreciate their kindness.

2.The Operation for Rescuing Traditional Utentils Preserved in Kamaishi Daiichi Junior High School

In Kamaishi Daiichi Junior High School, although many folk-cultural properties such as traditional utensils or iron-made tools are preserved, they are still left as covered with saltwater after the Tsunami. For this reason, Kamaishi City and Iwate Prefectural Museum decided to rescue them, and we the, Iwate Network also wholly cooperated with the activity interms of advertising for participants.

However, we still have a shortage of participants although we had a made an appeal since  the previous news letter. We appreciate your participation even if it will be only one day. Depending on the degree of progress, the event will be held only on the 2nd or 3rd of July (or both days).

Organiser: Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefectural Museum

Schedule: From 2nd to 3rd of July, 10:30am-4:30pm

The Job: Rescuing the folklore materials, cleaning the lecture rooms flooded by the Tsunami, washing the iron-made tools covered with salt water, and other operations.

The field of Kamaishi Daiichi Junior High School has remained untouched since the Tsunami, so the operation for removing debris has not been carried out yet. Especially, dirt and salt water can be a health hazard. Therefore you should wear twofold masks, and work gloves will be essential for the operation. In any case, you have to prepare for getting dirty. Of course, please prepare your own food and water, because the water supply is still not available there. (to be continued)


About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

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