News Letter from Iwate Network (June 22th) ~Part2

~The extract from the news letter on June 22th of the Iwate Network for Historical,
Folklore Materials~

 3.The Information of Rescuing and Repairing Cultural Properties

The following is the information about the rescuing or repairing operation in random order.

(1)The Damaged Arts in Rikuzentakada City Museum

The art objects damaged by the disaster amounted to approximately 120 pieces. Through the rescue committee for damaged cultural properties whose secretariat office is in the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties Tokyo, The Japanese Council of Art Museum will take charge of washing, fumigating, and repairing those pieces. The duties of the operations are taken by Mr. Takushi Hamada as a vice curator of the Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama. As from the middle of June, they will start the operation. Because of this decision, the rescue operation of the art pieces of this Museum is just in sight.

(2)About the Rescue of “Tsucchi” Preserved in Rikuzentakada City Museum for Sea and Shells

By National Museum of Nature and Science, the stuffed specimen of Baird’s Beaked Whale (in Japanese, it is called Tsuchikujira, so this specimen nicknamed “Tsucchi”) will be rescued and transported on June 29th. On the afternoon of 30th June, it will be transferred to the Tsukuba section of the National Museum of Nature and Science, and be fumigated from 1st to 2nd of July, after that, the officer of the museum will wash and repair it.

(3)The Folk-Cultural Properties Temporary Preserved in the former Oude Elementary School

The folk-cultural properties which were owned by Rikuzentakada City Museum were transferred to Oide elementary school, and the Rikuzentakada Board of education is now carrying out the washing operation in cooperation with the Prefectural Museum and Toono City Museum. While the temperature is getting hot recently, the provision against the spread of mould is becoming an issue. As for the electric fans, shelves, chemicals for preservation and the container boxes are offered by the Iwate Prefectural Board of education.

Hereafter, the National Museum of Japanese History and National Museum of Ethnology will
support the operation through the rescue committee for cultural properties.

From 18th to 22nd of July, the National Museum of Ethnology will go into the former Oide elementary school and engage in the washing operation, at the same time they will negotiate the upcoming operation. With regard to the washing operation, we are now discussing how to obtain the cooperation from the registered volunteer workers of the Japanese Association of Museums in the field.

(4)The Container Boxes were Offered

Iwate Prefectural Board of Education received the container boxes from each institution in Nara Prefecture through the rescue committee for cultural properties. By the cooperation of Yamato Logistics Co.,Ltd, 1091 boxes were delivered into the Research Office for the group of Hiraizumi sites.

The detail of the institutions which offered the container boxes were as follows; 100 boxes from Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, 528 boxes from The Museum, Archaeological Institute of Kashihara, 310 boxes from Tawaramotocho board of education, 100 boxes from Sakurai City centre for buried properties, and 53 boxes from  Yamatokooriyama City board of education.

Those boxes will be transferred to the former Oide Elementary School and former Kamaishi Daiichi Junior High School, and will make use of washing, classifying, and temporary preserving operation for damaged materials. Simultaneously, according to the officer, they will be offered to the institution which had once participated in the rescue operation of the buried properties, bringing their own container boxes and offering them.

(5)The Rescue and Washing Operation of the Archaeological Artefacts in Rikuzentakada City

As for the rescue operation of the archaeological artefacts in Rikuzentakada City, it finished on June 10th cooperating with the local board of education in Iwate Prefecture. The last week in which the operation was carried out, we gathered the bone tools which had been discovered from Nakazawahama Shell Mound as we screened the earth and sand which had been scraped from the Rikuzentakada City Museum. The rest is now stored in the local board of education.

The next stage of the gathering operation for the excavated artefacts is to wash, classify, register and temporarily preserve them. This operation will be carried out in July in the Prefectural buried property Centre making use of the people hired as an emergency employees.

In terms of the archaeological properties in the former Oide elementary school, the workers of Rikuzentakada City board of education will be supported by the Prefectural Museum. We have received the offer from the volunteers who live in other prefectures, so we would like to accept their cooperation though, negotiating with the local people about pouring slop into the river will be needed.

In addition, Daiichigosei Corporation will voluntarily offer the washing machine for earthenware at the end of June.

(6)About the Building Materials of Yoshida Family’s House and Yoshida Family’s Archives
in Rikuzentakada City

The Yoshida family’s archives which had been preserved in Rikuzentakada City Library were entirely saved and they are undergoing washing, freezed preservation and vacuum freeze drying at present.

On the other hand, with regard to the Yoshida family’s house, the removal operation for the house which had been washed away by the Tsunami from 1st to 17th of June, and the officers of the Prefectural Board of Education and Prefectural Museum attended. Unfortunately, the historical materials such as the official letters stamped with the Masamune Date(*1) or the portrait of Yoshikuni Date(*2) which had been preserved in the whitewashed warehouse couldn’t be rescued, however, according to the officers, the many building materials could be preserved. We strongly hope that those materials will be utilised as a symbol of the community’s reconstruction.

(7)Placed the Refrigerator Container

On June 15th, supported by Denso Corporation, the refrigerator container was placed in the
Prefectural Museum. This will be lent until the end of next year for free. According to the museum officer, this is for loading on the lorry, and it has words of “Iwate Prefectural Museum” and “Cheer up Tohoku” on it. It is used for the preserved historical materials which are waiting for vacuum freeze drying.

(The end)

*1 Masamune Date(伊達政宗): 1567-1636. at 18 years old, he succeeded to a house and after that obtained the present Tohoku area with battles. After the Tokugawa Shogunate coming, he became the first lord of Sendai Domain.

*2 Yoshikuni Date(伊達慶邦):1825-1874 The 13th Load of Sendai Domain.


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