The NHM’s News Letter vol.1

~From the postscript of the News Letter on 6th July, of the Network for Historical Materials~

Atsushi Kawauchi, the chief secretariat officer of Network for Historical Materials

 The first re-styled News Letter of the Network for Historical Materials has reached you. Although this is the memorial volume, we had to announce the breaking news of the present condition after the large earthquake occurred in northern Wakayama Prefecture on 5th July .

Since the East Japan Earthquake on 11th March, almost everyday earthquakes occur to a greater or lesser degree in each area of the Japanese archipelago. It seems that this archipelago is entering an active seismic period, therefore we have to advance the establishing of a disaster preservation system for the historical materials and cultural properties.

After the East Japan Earthquake, the rescue activities for the historical materials have been gradually expanded in each area. Networks for preserving materials were established in Iwate, Ibaraki, Kanagawa, and Mie prefectures and rescue operations in Nagano Prefecture have also been instigated, moreover, the symposium considering preservation has been planned in Nara Prefecture.

Nowadays, a huge amount of time and effort will be required to deal with the damage of the East Japan Earthquake. In the devastated areas, the rescue activities are still carried out almost every day even though the shortage of manpower for the operations is gradually being realised and it is becoming a serious issue. We sincerely appreciate your long term support.

I anticipate that the East Japan Earthquake will be recorded as one of the world-historic events in later times. The grave damage along the coastline areas by the great Tsunami and the serious situation at the nuclear plant which there is still no sign of drawing to a close are broadcast to the world through the various media commencing with the Internet. In such a situation, our operation for rescuing and preserving historical materials damaged by the disaster are also dispatched to the world by various media formats based on the support of many people.

Through the sensational broadcasting of the Tsunami and the radiation influence, we heard that the world regards Japan as having sunk into a catastrophic situation though, we would like to let you and people in the world know that our activity for protecting historical materials and cultural heritage are widely carried out in each devastated area in spite of the difficult condition.

4 months passed after the quake, and we are still continuing the preservation activity. We keenly desire that as much historical heritage as possible will be saved from the great disaster, and the identity of each community will be recovered by such heritage, and it will in turn lead to the reconstruction of the sufferers hearts and lives.


About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

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