The Ibaraki Network News Letter vol.1 ~the Latter Part

~The News Letter on 16th July of Ibaraki Network~

2. The Emergency Meeting for Rescuing and Preserving Historical Materials in Ibaraki

Nearly 4months has passed after the East Japan Earthquake, the clear-up operation of the houses, debris and the stone-made structures started in the areas outside of those affected by the Tsunami. Whilst our sense of crisis at the danger of cultural properties disappearing forever is growing day by day, the number of requests for rescuing materials has dramatically increased from June.

To grasp such a present condition in Ibaraki and to share the problems which each person and institution is facing, we held the emergency meeting on 2nd July.

At the meeting, Prof. Hiroshi Okumura and Assistant Prof. Masakazu Matsushita both from the Network for Historical Materials were invited as speakers, and talked about what we should do now and what can we do hereafter based on their skills, experiences and philosophy. After that, 12 speakers such as researchers or people who were responsible for the cultural properties in Ibaraki Prefecture reported the present situation in Ibaraki and the adjacent Prefectures of Fukushima, Tochigi and Chiba, and exchanged opinions. The damage in each area of our Prefecture was more serious than we had considered, therefore we keenly felt not only the importance of our activities but also the anxieties for the upcoming operations. We would like researchers, supporters and members of each Network from inside and outside of the Prefecture to cooperate with us and to support our Network which has advanced step by step.

[The Reference]

The outline of the emergency meeting

  • Date: 2nd July, 2011 13:00open
  • Place: the building of the Department for Science
  • Organiser: the Preparatory Meeting of Ibaraki Network for Rescuing/Preserving Historical Materials and Cultural Properties
  • Sponsor: Prefectural Board of Education, Prefectural Museum, Department of Humanities in Ibaraki University
  • Participants: approximately 120 people

3. The Recent Rescue Operation as of the Present

(1)In Kashima City, rescuing the Ryuzoin Archives waterlogged by the Tsunami (as from 12th May to the present)

(2)In Ushiku City, confirming the S family’s whitewashed warehouse which had been demolished (on 12th June)

(3)In Hitachi City, rescuing the Fusuma(*) from the scrapped house, and carrying out the operation to separate them into the undercoated documents and flames (as from 29th June to the present)

(4)In Ooaraicho, rescuing the administrative documents affected by the Tsunami in the Ooaraicho Culture Centre (on 22th June)

(5)In Ooaraichi, tidying up the historical materials owned by the old family which were damaged by the disaster (on 7th July)

(6)In Kitaibaraki City, rescuing the old archives and undercoated documents of Fusuma from the houses which were demolished.

(7)In Mito City, rescuing the old archives possessed by the pedigree merchant family in the castle town (on 22nd June)

4. Advertisement for voluntary workers

  • To make a list for Ryuzoin Archives affected by the Tsunami
  • Date: 24th July, from 13:00
  • Place: at Ryuzoin (56-2 Arano, Kashima City)

NB: Skilful ONLY, we apologise not to able to accommodate inexperienced people at this time. There are not enough toilets, so we will take you to another place. If the applicants exceed the number to be admitted, we will have to restrict them, so please contact us in advance.

*Fusuma(襖): sliding door made from paper and wood, used to partition off rooms in a apanese house. Sometimes they have beautiful traditional pictures, or old historical documents on the underside to strengthen against being torn part.




About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

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