News Letter from Iwate Network(July 24th) ~The First Part

~The extract from the news letter on July 24th of the Iwate Network for Historical and Folk-cultural Materials~

The secretarial office of the Iwate Network for Historical and Folklore Materials integrated
the information concerning the damage to cultural properties and rescue operations in Iwate Prefecture. Those might already be well known though, we appreciate if you can make use of them. All of them are available to be freely reprinted.

1.The Preliminary investigation of the cultural properties in Otsuchicho

On 21st July, 4 members of the Iwate Network for Historical and Folk-cultural Materials visited Otsuchicho and had an informal talk with the officers of the town Board of Education. We confirmed that we would investigate the extent of damage to the cultural properties in Otsuchicho with their cooperation, and the reconstruction plan would make good use of the investigation results.

Hereafter, when the details of the main investigation will be concretely released, we will inform you.

2.The Exhibition of the Rescue Activity of the cultural properties in Toono City Museum

As from 22nd July, Toono City Museum has opened the special exhibition about the rescue activities of the cultural properties. Its purpose is to widely disseminate them and to wish that these rescued properties will become the energy and hope to live for the future with a renewed value which symbolises that they survived the East Japan Earthquake. The details are as follows;

  • Title: “Rescue the Cultural Properties! –East Japan Earthquake and the Rescue Activities for Cultural Properties—
  • Duration: From 22nd July to 29th September, 2011 (NB: Closed on 31st August)
  • Place: The exhibition Room in Toono City Museum
  • Contents: The exhibition about the cultural properties which were rescued from the Otsuchicho Library, Rikuzentakada City Museum, Rikuzentakada City Museum for Sea and Shells.

3.The Public Comment by Iwate Network

In June, Iwate Prefecture formulated the “Iwate Prefectural Reconstruction Promotion Planning of East Japan Earthquake”. They are advertising for public comments as its deadline is on 31st July.

We, the Iwate Network for Historical and Folk-cultural Materials also discussed it at the liaison conference on 7th July, and made a draft plan. We will examine it again at the next conference, and will submit our comments to Prefecture.

Before introducing our findings, we quote the Prefectural Olan as extracting the part of the cultural properties, as follows;



For designing the immediate reconstruction of the cultural and artistic activities, we will support the recovery of the functions of cultural and artistic facilities, simultaneously we will support the preservation and make use of the traditional culture and cultural properties in the devastated area.

1.The Urgent Effort

  • Restoring and conserving the historical materials and cultural properties in the devastated area by carrying out the rescue operation of the cultural properties, or other activities

2.The Short-term Effort

  • Supporting the restoration and recovery of the function of cultural and artistic facilities as the base of the community culture
  • Supporting the revival of the traditional performing arts which were protected and promoted in each community affected by the disaster
  • Promoting the establishment of the research system for the buried properties in the devastated area and investigating them along with the Reconstruction Promoting Planning.

3.The Medium-term Effort

  • Support putting the cultural and artistic facilities in good condition
  • Making good use of the historical materials and cultural properties in the devastated area in the school education, and promoting to understand the history and culture in each community
  • Securing the opportunities to perform the traditional performances in the devastated area, and supporting their preservation and ensuring their succession to future generations.
  • Continuing to investigate the buried properties as well as tidying and making use of the excavated artefacts


Well, the following is our draft of public comment against the abovementioned prefectural plan, and we apologise for its length.

(to be continued)


About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

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