Ibaraki Network News Letter vol.3

~The News Letter on 27th July of Ibaraki Network~

—Please contribute your donations to the Ibaraki Network

We, the Ibaraki Network for Rescuing/Preserving Historical Materials and Cultural Properties is gathering information about the historical materials damaged by the East Japan Earthquake and carrying out the rescue operations in the field so as to conserve them. 4 months has already passed after the quake, and with it, the removal operation of the houses and historical materials affected by the Tsunami is advancing, and we need the donations in order to prevent this in Ibaraki Prefecture.

Not only for the houses and buildings but also the historical, folk-cultural artefacts and utensils which are also in danger of being dumped, and we are worrying that such action is now fully underway. The rescue activities which we are continuously requested of us and the operations for historical materials which are urgently required fill every minute of our day. Carrying out the rescue operations needs the financial support as well as a number of workers. We sincerely appreciate your help.

The donations will be spent for purchasing the supplies for tidying and preserving historical materials and utensils for the operation of conserving the old structures and taking Fusuma(*1) and Byobu(*2) to pieces, or managing the Ibaraki Network.

We have opened the bank account in the Japan Post Bank Company Ltd. Please contribute whatever you can.

(NB: Someone who wishes to donate to the Ibaraki Network, please leave your comment)

*1 Fusuma(襖): sliding door made from paper and wood, used to partition off rooms in a apanese house. Sometimes they have beautiful traditional pictures, or old historical documents on the underside to strengthen against being torn part.

*2 Byobu(屏風):a holding screen with a coloured paintings or a black-and-white drawing in Japanese pattern


About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

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