The Information about the Heavy Rainfall Disaster in Fukushima

~From the blog on August 4th of the Fukushima Network for Preserving Historical Materials~

 The inspection by the members of the Fukushima Prefectural Museum has revealed the present damage condition caused by the heavy rainfall in Niigata and Fukushima Prefectures from 29th to 30th of July.

Some of the areas’ state is still uncertain because the local downpour tore the roads and railways into shreds, therefore we cannot confirm the safety of the historical materials. In addition, the villages where only the elderly live were seriously damaged, so we anticipate that the reconstruction will be extremely difficult. Moreover, there are some cases in which the people who ran away from the radiation evacuation zone have to now evacuate from the rainfall disaster again. The following is the extent of the damage which has already been revealed as of today.

[Tadamimachi] The whitewashed warehouse for the old archives, which was privately possessed, was flooded, however those historical documents were safe because they had been preserved on the first floor. The other historical documents were also safe due to the fact that all of them were conserved in the municipal office building.

[Kanayamamachi] We haven’t confirmed any damage about the cultural properties as of present.

[Mishimamachi] Because the localised downpour ate away at the soil, the broken pieces of the pottery were scattered in the town sites. These were then partially collected by the people concerned. The damage to the other cultural properties hasn’t been confirmed yet.

[Yanaizumachi] As of present, we haven’t confirmed any damage to the cultural properties.

[Showamura] As of present, no damage to the cultural properties has been reported.

[Aizusakashitamachi] The area of Katakado and Funado were damaged by the rainfall, however, the evacuees have already returned home now. The paddy fields and other places were covered with water. As of the present, the report of damage to the cultural properties hasn’t reached us.

[Kitakata City] Takasoto area (especially, around Ogino Soteijo) was affected. As of present, we haven’t been reported of any damage to historical materials.



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