Yamagata Network’s Activity Report & Objective ~Part20

~From the blog of August 13th of the Yamagata Relief Network for Cultural Heritage~

—About our activities as from 7th August


Everyone is engaging in their each ‘work’ in the devastated area, and the areas which support the devastated area.

We also keep carrying out the cleaning operations. I hope just one more person will help us at their own convenience. Now is the ‘Obon’ season, and a lot of our ancestors’ spirits are returning to us. Our cleaning operation might be watched over by those spirits, so please come and join them and us.

[Last Week’s Activity Report]

  1. On 8th August, the cleaning operation was carried out tin Yamagata University.
  2. On 9th and 11th August, we carried out the cleaning operation and regular meeting in TUAD.

[This Week’s Objective]

  1. From 16th to 20th, we will hold the extensive cleaning operation in YWJC.
  2. On 19th August, we will hold the ‘thank-you’ party for the people who come from far away places to aid the extensive cleaning operation.


  1. The cleaning operation on 16th and 18th of August in TUAD will be closed.
  2. On 19th August, the cleaning operation in the evening will be held in YWJC.
  3. On 23th August, we will start the cleaning operation in evening in TUAD again.

[Information about the new attempt]

Yamagata Relief Network plans the project to hold the exhibition about our efforts such as rescue activities, cleaning and preserving operations, and to introduce the present and upcoming activities for the damaged historical materials. First of all, we will start to make the panel exhibition. We would like many people to join us and discuss about our exhibition. We will inform you about the details and appreciate your cooperation.


About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

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