The Proceedings of Regular Meeting on 12th September

~from the blog of 14th September of the Yamagata Relief Network for Historical Heritage~

The Reports

1.Financial Report

Income: 1,403,603 yen,  Expense: Approximately 300,000yen

Note: Although we got a large amount of donations, those from the people who live in Yamagata Prefecture were few. We should try to establish deeper relationships with residences in Yamagata Prefecture, and to engage in increasing the number of donations by spreading the wider comprehension of our activities. We would appreciate the personal effort of individual members.

2.The Policies to purchase the apparatus and utensils, especially for the refrigerator.

We plan to purchase a refrigerator, the same type as that which is used in Tohoku University of Art and Design. With regard to the payment, the secretariat office of TUAD would like to buy it through the bank account of TUAD. That is to say, they want the Yamagata Network to transfer the funds to the TUAD’s account, and to contract buy it by the TUAD. They want to possibly avoid it being donated by the Yamagata Network as they would later buy it, considering the budget for maintenance and electricity. In doing so, the receipt would be handed to TUAD, not to the Yamagata Network. Then, we have to consider of how we should deal with this procedure.

The Conference

1.About the requests from Rikuzentakada City

  • The confirmation of the Yamagata Network’s Policy:

   As of present, Yamagata Network has established our activity’s purpose as preventing the occurrence of mould, along with the drying and cleaning of the materials, and then returning them to the original owners after classifying them into some categories. Rikuzentakada City proclaimed the desalination process of damaged materials. We consider that this will not be a big change in our activities if it is just a measure after turning back. However we haven’t considered if we will continue to manage them in Yamagata after the desalination, so it could become an issue. Through the regular meeting, we decided to respond to the requests from owners in devastated areas as much as we possibly can.

  • The issue of working process and how to respond  

   As we are receiving the request from Rikuzentakada City, we should think of how to respond to it technically. In terms of the technical measures, we will ask Mr Yonemura, and as for the managing, preserving and some office procedures, mainly Ms Sato and Mr Kobayashi will deal with them, and will explain as such to Rikuzentakada City. First of all, we will tentatively return a part of Rikuzentakada’s materials which have already been treated, and ask them to discuss the possibility of desalination and technical process. As for the preparation of returning, we have asked Mr Kobayashi.

2.The expectation of the cleaning operation as from October ~in YU, TUAD, YWJC

Basically, the schedule of the cleaning operation will be back to the situation before August. In Yamagata University, it will be held once per week, TUAD will carry out it twice a week, and YWJC will do it once a week. We will inform you in greater detail at the end of September.

3.The discussion about the new method of cleaning operation

We will appeal to the Study Societies, Researching Groups and the associates of museums in each area about the preservation techniques.

4.About the Panel Exhibition Team

We plan the panel exhibition about our rescue activity in the campus festivals in YU, YWJC and in the Public Exhibition in TUAD. So we have to manage the schedule for each exhibition. Their working sequence will be shown by Ms Sato until the end of September.


About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

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