Yamagata Network’s Activity Report & Objective ~Part25

~From the blog of 21st September of the Yamagata Relief Network for Cultural Heritage~


In the proceedings of the September’s regular meeting, we have many issues. We would like to overcome our difficulties making use of your efforts. In terms of the schedule for the cleaning operation as of October, basically we plan to hold it following the same schedule as in August. We appreciate your participation. From 24th to 25th of September, the campus festival in TUAD will be held, although the Yamagata Network will not plan any exhibitions. However, please come to their programmes and arts which they created after the East Japan Earthquake.

[Last Week’s Activity Report]

  1. On 12th September, we held the regular meeting in the Yamagata University. As for the contents, please see the previous blog.
  2. On 13th September, we carried out the cleaning operation in Yamagata University.

[This Week’s Objective]

  1. On 20th September, we will hold the cleaning operation in Yamagata University.


From 15th to 17th October, the Conference for Regional History 2011 will be held in Tsuruoka City. On the morning of Saturday 15th, the secretariat office of Yamagata Relief Network for Cultural Heritage will present their special report. Additionally, on both 15th and 16th, the various reports concerning the Shonai Area will be presented. We appreciate your participation, and please wait until further notice.


About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

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