Ibaraki Network News Letter Vol.21

[The operation for tidying the materials rescued in Hirakata, Kitaibaraki City]

Over 2 days from 19th to 20th of November, we held the operation for tidying the materials which had been rescued from the group of whitewashed warehouses in Hirakata, Kitaibaraki City on September. A total of 40 members, who responded to the appeal of the Ibaraki Network for Preserving Historical Materials, participated in this operation, and it was held in the temporary holding space of these materials.

Many of the whitewashed warehouses, which had the preserved materials mentioned above, have already been scheduled to be removed; it therefore makes it difficult for owners to conserve those materials as they are. For this reason, we sorted out preserved materials from other which will be scrapped, and carried out the operation for tidying ones which will be conserved. As for the sequence of the operation, we will publish it as a working manual. During this season, in the mountain area, sunset comes very early, so we could not have enough time to hold the operation; however, the operation has gone on more smoothly than we had expected, and we could finish the operation for a major part of the T family’s documents within 2 days. In the temporary space, a large amount of materials still remain, so we will tidy them in order.

Finally, many people joined our operation as volunteers and they were devotedly engaged in it. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to them.

[Our official Homepage has opened!]

We opened the official webpage of the Ibaraki Network for Historical Materials. It still has many shortcomings, but please be sure to visit our page!

The homepage of the Ibaraki Network for Historical Materials:


[We appreciate your donations to the Ibaraki Network]

The continuous activity for rescuing and preserving historical materials and cultural properties requires not only manpower but also  financial support. We sincerely appreciate your kind donations. The donations will be spent purchasing the supplies for tidying and preserving historical materials and utensils for the operation of conserving the old structures and taking Fusuma(*1) and Byobu(*2) to pieces, or managing the Ibaraki Network.


(NB: Someone who wishes to donate to the Ibaraki Network, please leave your comment)


*1 Fusuma(襖): sliding door made from paper and wood, used to partition off rooms in a Japanese house. Sometimes they have beautiful traditional pictures, or old historical documents on the underside to strengthen against being torn part.

*2 Byobu(屏風):a holding screen with a coloured paintings or a black-and-white drawing using Japanese patterns.


About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

2 Responses to Ibaraki Network News Letter Vol.21

  1. Chie SANO says:

    IIC-Japan(Japanese Regional Group of International Institute for Conservation of Artistic and Historic Works) の庶務担当幹事をしている佐野千絵を申します。IIC-Japanもホームページを開設しており.http://iic-japan.p1.bindsitejp/、海外会員のために、英文での大震災情報を収集しています。

    • IIC-JAPAN 佐野さま


      渡辺 悦子

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