Miyagi Network News vol.156

~Acknowledgement for your cooperation~

[The rescue operation for historical materials in 2011]

This is Daisuke Sato, a secretariat officer of the Miyagi Network for Preserving Historical materials. The rescue activities for the historical materials affected by the East Japan Earthquake amounted to 41 times, and the number of surveys reached 77 times. The number of materials is roughly estimated to be 20,000.

In the secretariat office in Sendai city, the voluntary work was held 5 times every week from Monday to Friday, since May. The participants are 600 in total. We would again like to express our gratitude for you.

[The voluntary work from January, 2012]

1.Voluntary work in the secretariat office

Because of the help of many people, we can gradually see the light at the end of carrying out the urgent measures for the damaged historical materials which are preserved in the Sendai office. For this reason, we will suspend the advertisement for voluntary workers from January. Please excuse us, if you have a wish to join our work. However, people who had personally offered their help will be accepted.

There is a large amount of historical materials which are transferred to other areas because of the need for vacuum freeze-drying. When the voluntary workers for those materials will be required, we will let you know. Then, we will again appreciate your participation.

2.The rescue operation in the field

After January 2012, when we conduct the rescue activities in the devastated area, for instance, transferring old archives from the damaged whitewashed warehouses, we will send an e-mail to addressees of our Network News.

Our condition is, as far as we have confirmed, that the removal operation for the damaged buildings and houses along the coastline areas have advanced to some extent, on the other hand, as for the inland areas, the demolition and restoration have not progressed due to the lack of labour force. Currently some owners in inland areas request us to research their historical materials. Therefore, we keep our current system to response them, presupposing that the requests of rescue operation will continuously increase.

Our activity for the historical materials damaged by the East japan Earthquake is still on the way. We appreciate your continuous support and cooperation.


About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

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