Ibaraki Network News Letter vol.29

~Information about the inaugural meeting of the Chiba Network for Rescuing Historical and Natural Materials~

On 3rd March, the inaugural meeting for the Chiba Network for Rescuing Historical and Natural Materials (the Chiba Network for Rescuing Materials) will be held. The following is the information from them.

[The Inaugural Meeting for the Chiba Network for Rescuing Historical and Natural Materials]

Since the Eastern Japan Earthquake on 11th March last year, one year has nearly passed. The devastation in the Tohoku area is well known though, in Chiba prefecture, Asashi City and other regions were affected by the Tsunami, and the reclaimed areas alongside of the Tone River and Edo Coast were extensively waterlogged. Under such circumstances, in the Tohoku area, mainly the Miyagi Network for Preserving Historical Materials immediately sent the information of the extent of the damage, and the rescue activities were organised based on the Network. Hereafter, the great earthquake which is predicted to hit the Kanto Area in the near future. At present, in the Kanto area, Ibaraki and Kanagawa prefectures have already had the Network for rescuing and preserving historical materials. Chiba prefecture, which faces the coastline as well as the 2 prefectures mentioned above, established the Chiba Network System for Rescuing Cultural Heritage in 2009 though, regrettably, it still have not yet well-organised as the system which send and share information and effectively carry out the rescue activities when the disaster will occur. As the people who have engaged in the survey and research in various field in the prefecture, we consider that we have responsibility to implement the required rescue operations as soon as we can and to immediately share the information about the extent of damage for the historical and natural materials in Chiba Prefecture.

For this reason, we decided to establish ‘the Chiba Network for Rescuing Natural and Historical Materials’ with the associations concerned as follows: Inbagun City Liaison Council for Preserving and Application for Local Historical Materials, the Headquarter for Rescuing Cultural Heritage damaged by the Eastern Japan Earthquake in National Historical Museum, the Research Room for Japanese History in Chiba University, the Department of History in Chiba University, Study Society for Japanese History in Chiba, the Researching Group for Boso Historical Materials (so far). We have now started to establish the mailing lists. For the time being, we aim to organise the system to gather and share the information which are possessed by association, institution, and individuals, who have been researching the historical materials in the prefecture, in order to immediately carry out the rescue operation. The following is the inaugural meeting for launching the Network. We welcome to everyone who has an interest in us.

Date: Saturday, 3rd March, 2012 from 5pm-7.20pm

Place: the Multimedia Lecturer Room, 1F, in the Building for Humanities Department, Chiba University (Get off at Nishi-Chiba Station, and the 10-minute walk)


Greeting: Prof Masatomo Goto (Chiba University)

Explaining the Purpose: Prof Hiroshi Kurushima (National Historical Museum)

Individual Report:

  • Mr kazuhiro Shin (Natural History Museum & Institute, Chiba)

“The sequence of starting the Network for Rescuing Materials, and its problems –the origination of the Chiba Network System for Rescuing Cultural Heritage leading by the Association of Prefectural Museum”

  • Mr Yasushi Kawaguchi (Katori City Board of Education)

“The extent of damage of the cultural heritage in Katori City and the efforts for reconstruction”

  • Mr Hiroyuki Hujikata (the commissioner of Study Society for History in Chiba)

“The rescue operation for historical materials in Sakura City”

Discussion and Adoption

Overview and Greeting: Prof Kenji Sugawara (Chiba University)


About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

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