Miyagi Network News No.163

~The rescue operation for library materials in Ishinomaki Culture Centre~

Cleaning operation

 From 17th to 18th of March, at the Ishinomaki Culture Centre, Miyagi Prefecture, we carried out the rescue operation for the library materials. The participants were 19 voluntary members of the Miyagi Network for Preserving Historical Materials, and 8 voluntary students from Chuo University and Hitotsubashi University, organised by Prof Koichi Watanabe of the National Institute of Japanese Literature and Associate Prof Kei Yamazaki of Chuo University.

Make a list

This was a part of the operation which was held on 18th and 18th of last December. Among 1,000 of library books and excavation reports concerned with the local history, which were damaged by the Tsunami, we selected those of which were available to be done urgent measure, and cleaned them up. Simultaneously, the student members indexed those books.During the operation in last December, books in a good condition were already selected to some extent; at this time, many of them were therefore in worse condition. The books which were judged to be difficult to undergo urgent measures and therefore would be scrapped. It was with mixed feelings to learn that there were books published or edited by the members of the Miyagi Network.

Miyagi Network’s report damaged by Tsunami

Because we were supported by many participants, we could finish selecting all the  books which were damaged by the Earthquake. On the other hand, half of books which were intended in this operation were decided to be scrapped.

Due to the difficulty of preserving space, Ishinomaki City is not in situation that they can accept the alternative library immediately. In contrast, when the Ishinomaki Culture centre will be restored in the future, the problem of lish the library will be issued. We would like people concerned to support the institution continuously. (written by Daisuke Sato)

books slated for disposal

NB: The photos are all from the homepage of the Miyagi Network for Preserving Historical Materials.


About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

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