Ibaraki Network News Letter vol. 37

 ~The Tidying Activity for Historical Materials in Ibaraki University~

From 31st March to 1st April, on the Mito Campus of Ibaraki University, we carried out the tidying operation for the historical materials which had been rescued in Kitaibaraki City.

The historical materials which we tidied at this time were from old families in Hirakata and Sekimoto. The archives from an old family in Sekimoto involved many documents dating back to the Edo period. We recorded their present condition by sketching and taking photos of these documents, and carefully tidied them up and listed them.

There was a document box which was crammed full of early modern times documents, and among them, there was a picture map of their mansion drawn in 1857. The picture map was coloured, and we could see the names of the buildings such as ‘Honjin(本陣, main house but occasionally became the guest house for Lords)’, ‘Hontaku(本宅, main house)’, ‘Dozo(土蔵, warehouse)’, ‘Ido(井戸, well)’, ‘Umaya(厩, stables)’ on the map, and it indicated the appearance of their mansion at that time. When we interviewed the master of the house he said that their estate was located on the way from Hirakata to Tanakura, so the Lord of Tanakura Domain rested at their house. We consider that the map which we discovered in this time supports the master’s story. This map has extremely interesting information, because the route from the main gate to main house ‘Honjin’, which presumably indicated the passage of the Lords, was painted with gold dust. Likewise, we found the group of documents which had Kao(花押, a sigh) of the Lord of Tanakura Domain. Those discoveries made us feel that we could preserve many historical documents which were important for the local community.

Our tidying activities continued for 2 days, and the activities were supported by a total of 90 members and participants from the NPO Historical Succession Association, OB of Ibaraki University, researchers and citizens. Of special note is the students and teachers from Mito-Aoiryo High School, because it was the first time to accept voluntary workers from among high school students. We owe our gratitude to them in furthering our tidying operation. Thank you very much.

In terms of the new fiscal year’s activities, we would like to start on 11th April. Irrespective of whether you are skilled or unskilled, if you are interested in our activity, please come and join us. Our activities are held in classroom 201, the building C of humanities, at 1pm on every Wednesday. We appreciate your participation. (written by Kunihiko Izumida)


About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

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