Yamagata Network Activity Report & Objective ~Part54

~From the Blog of 15th April of the Yamagata Relief Network for Cultural Heritage~

Yesterday we discussed with the relevant people in each working place, and examined the counter-measures against mould and the future plan of our activities. We will soon inform you the results and the plans.
The networks organised by citizens, like the Yamagata Network, often find difficulties in our activities, but we should keep progressing.
In this week we will welcome new 3 members. We heard that there was no threat of decreasing members, rather seemingly participants would still increase. We are amazed at the social potential to brings forth those kind of people. And we can feel hope in the world of cultural and historical heritage, which are recently lacking encouraging stories.

[Last Week’s Activity Report]

  1. On 9th April, we carried out the cleaning operation in Kamiyama City Northern Public Hall.
  2. We discussed and surveyed the counter-measure against mould.
  3. On 14th April, we had a meeting with relevant people in each work place.

[This Week’s Objective]

  1. On 16th April, the cleaning operation in Kamiyama Northern City Public Hall will be held.
  2. On 16th April, Yamagata University will have the cleaning operation.
  3. On 17th April, the cleaning operation will be carried out in Tohoku University of Community Service and Science.
  4. On 19th April at 2.40pm, we will have the meaning by secretariat office and talk about the tactic of invitation in YWJC.
  5. From 19th to 24th of April, the panel exhibition will be held in YWJC.
  6. On 19th April, the cleaning operation in TUAD will be carried out.
  7. On 20th April, the cleaning operation in YWJC will be carried out.

Wow, what a busy week…

Tohiku University of Arts and Design

NB: We will have a One Day Cleaning Operation on 4th May in Yonezawa Women’s Junior College. If you wish to join please contact us.

The cleaning operations in each university’s work place have resumed!
Yamagata University on 16th April, Tohoku University of Arts and Design on 19th April, and Yonezawa Women’s Junior College on 20th April. The following is the report of resumption.

In TUAD, about 15 members carried out the operation. One brawny first-year-student is now our new fellow! The 4th year students guided him gently.

Yamagata Women’s Junior College

We saw the young people’s eyes, which impressed us that they will never be wavered by the disaster. Not hard, but rather kind eyes. I think it is human nature regardless of skin colour or nationality. And I recognised the phrase that no creature keeps history except humans.

In YWJC, over 10 members including members of society gathered around the work place, and we have started the new fiscal year.

On 16th April, the cleaning operation in Yamagata University resumed. It is in the new work place.

Yamagata University

The cleaning operation in Kamiyama City Northern Public Hall finished. While the operations in TUAD and YU suspended, the team of members of the society made a lot of effort. Securing the working place, managing tools and materials, planning and cleanup after the operations, etc…it was excellent teamwork. For broadcasting their activities, many media outlets visited them. From the winter in snowstorms to spring amid the cherry blossoms, they kept their cleaning operation without any suspension. They are our cherished colleagues. Thank you very much for your all efforts, indeed!!

Kamiyama City Hall



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