Ibaraki Network News Letter vol.38

~The Activity reports: Kitaibaraki and Iwaki cities~

On 28th March, the secretariat officers of Ibaraki Network carried out the Investigation surveying the extent of damage of old houses and historical materials which the family owns as we circulated the area from Kitaibaraki City in Ibaraki Prefecture to Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture. As a result, we could confirm that 2 old families whose materials would require urgent rescue. The following is the report about them.

At the S family’s house in Kitaibaraki City, the whitewashed warehouse is scheduled to be demolished due to the damage by the Earthquake. On the day of survey, we took photos of the warehouse, sketched its outline and confirmed the archives in the warehouse. Because the amount of archives was not large; we therefore took them from the warehouse within the day. Hereafter, we will do urgent measures in the field and would like the family members to preserve them in their main house.

As for the A family’s case in Iwaki City, their estates includes the house for the head family and that of cadet family, and among them, 1 in 4 houses, 2 in 3 warehouses and an old factory were damaged and scheduled to be removed. In this survey, we sketched and took photos of the warehouses, and likewise, in order to grasp the extent of damage of each building, ownership relation and the origin, we made a plan of the distribution of all buildings. Our next issue will be to take the archives from the warehouses before the demolition. In addition, the oldest warehouse which contains mainly the documents from the early modern times will remain, but as we consider the repeated aftershocks, we should consider the preservation of this warehouse.

As we write above, the removal operations for the old house and warehouse have still continued in these areas. We would like to keep surveying and circulating these areas. In terms of the A family’s archives, we are in the process of taking out the materials in   May. When the date is scheduled, we will advertise for the voluntary workers by this Net News. We appreciate your cooperation. (written by Chihiro Yamakawa)


About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

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