Yamagata Network’s Activity Report & Objective ~Part55

~From the blog of 22nd April of the Yamagata Relief Network for Cultural Heritage~

Our cleaning operations have resumed in each place. On 4th May in Golden Week Holiday, we will have One Day Cleaning Operation in YWJC. If you have spare time, please come and join us.
In terms of the Yamagata Net Mail News vol.2, we appreciate you to individually distribute it. But please make sure that it is not allowed to be redrafted and used for another purpose. Thank you for your cooperation.
The secretariat officer Mr Kobayashi wrote the article titled ‘Suggestions as the response from the Eastern Japan Earthquake’ in the magazine of ‘Uyo Bunka (羽陽文化) vol.156’, published by the Yamagata Conservation Society for Cultural Heritage. In the article, He suggested the upcoming commitment in Yamagata Prefecture. This year is the year to advance one more step.

[Last Week’s Activity Report]
1. On 16th April, we had the cleaning operation in Kamiyama City Northern Public Hall.
2. On 16th April. We had the cleaning operation in YU.
3. On 17th April, the cleaning operation in TUCSS was held.
4. On 19th April from 2.40pm, we had the meaning by secretariat office and talked about the tactic of invitations to YWJC.
5. From 19th to 24th of April, the panel exhibition in YWJC was held.
6. On 19th April, TUAD had the cleaning operation.
7. On 20th April, the cleaning operation in YWJC was held.

[This Week’s Objective]
1.  On 23rd April is the last day of the cleaning operation in Kamiyama City Northern Public Hall.
2.  On 24th April, TUAD and TUCSS will have the cleaning operation.
3.  The Panel exhibition in YWJC has been held by 24th April.
4.  On 26th April, TUAD will have the cleaning operation.
5.  On 27th April, the cleaning operation in YWJC will be held.

We will have a One Day Cleaning Operation on 4th May in Yonezawa Women’s Junior College. If you wish to join please contact us.

Many historical materials and books were damaged by the Eastern Japan Earthquake. We had rescued them and now we are carrying out their cleaning, preservation and keeping them. Those materials are essential cultural heritage for the devastated area in order to actively reconstruct their future. We appeal you to join our activity for preserving these materials. The following is our schedule for April. We appreciate your participation.
The next day of the Uesugi Festival of ‘the Battle of Kawanakajima’ is One Day Cleaning Operation in YWJC!!!
Date: Friday, 4th May from 9 am to 5 pm (scheduled)
Place: Yamagata Women’s Junior College
Capacity: over secondary school student age, anyone who has an interest in our operations.
Job Contents: confirmation of the materials which had received preservation measure, tidying the materials, and environmental arrangement

When we have good weather, lunch will be a picnic on the riverbank (with no alcohol).


  1. The materials and books are covered with dirt because they were damaged by the Tsunami. Although we pay attention to them, the responsibility will ultimately be taken by yourself.
  2. We recommend you to apply for the Volunteers Insurance by the Social welfare Council in advance.
  3. Participants will need masks and clothes which will likely become dirty.
    Our operation will be held outdoors.
  4. The other details will be informed upon application.

Application: please contact with the secretariat office before your participation, it’s essential.


About Nerwork for Historical Materials
A volunteer group for preserving Cultural Heritage suffered from natural disasters

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